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Coaching Packages

  • 12 Week Plan

    Self-Directed General Preparation Program
    Valid for 3 months
    • Weekly Structured Sessions delivered via Training Peaks
    • RPE, Power or HR Based Training
    • Program Delivered in 4 Week Blocks To Monitor Progress
  • Best Value

    Performance Coaching

    Every month
    Individual Coaching Program
    • Unlimited access to group training sessions (see below)
    • 1x Strength Session, 2x Pilates Sessions, 2x Group Runs
    • Fully Custom Coaching Program (RPE, Power or HR based)
    • Data review and feedback on sessions
    • Phone and email communication (48 hours)
    • Goal Setting and Review
    • Post Event Performance Analysis
    • Race Planning
    • Organised Group Weekend Trail Runs
    • Private Facebook Running Community
  • Elite Training Plan

    Every month
    3 Month Min. Committment
    • Unlimited Weekly Group Training
    • Training Peaks Premium Included
    • Weekly custom coaching program (RPE, Power or HR based)
    • Performance testing to establish baselines
    • Phone and email communication (24 hours)
    • Data review and feedback on sessions
    • Goal Setting and Review
    • Race Planning
    • Consult with Ex. Phys, Strength Program & Follow Up
    • Consult with Dietitian, Nutrition Program & Follow Up
    • Monthly Massage
    • Unlimited Revisions to Weekly Program
    • Post Event Performance Analysis
    • Private Facebook Community Group
    • Ad Hoc Organised Weekend Runs
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