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Milly's FKT, Busso 70.3, MRU & UTA

Updated: May 23, 2021

What a crazy few month it’s been with everyone on the edge of their seats wondering if races will go ahead. Thankfully we have been lucky and all of our athletes have been able to put many months of hard work and training into action. Some of their achievements from April/May are below:

Fastest Known Time (Supported) – Milly Young (44 hours and 31 minutes)

Scott’s Peak Dam to Cockle Creek along the Port Davey and South Coast Tracks (165km) Tasmania, Australia

Milly completed the fastest known time for covering the two tracks in one solid effort, beating the previous time of ~48 hours. Check out the video here by Untamed Media. The tracks provided a number of challenges, including knee/waist deep mud, overgrown sections, difficult wayfinding and plenty of river/creek crossings – two of which require rowing (but in actuality, swimming) due to the high winds. With 40km to go, Milly knocked her foot on a rock and later learned she had broken her big toe, but despite this she persevered to finish. She’s on the mend now and we hope to see her back on the trails soon, no doubt with an even more incredible goal to achieve.

Ultra-Trail Australia (Blue Mountains, NSW)

22km (930m elevation)

Corrie Johnstone – 03:15:40 (Overall: 535, Age Rank: 74)

50km (2200m Elevation)

Kean Teoh – 08:21:08 (Overall: 891, Age Rank: 223)

Georgia Page - 08:42:37 (Overall: 1035, Age Rank: 107)

100km (4400m elevation)

Oliver Page – 12:08:27 (Overall: 45, Age Rank: 14) (Previous time 13:07)

Shane Johnstone 10:54:45 (Overall: 12, Age Rank: 7)

Seven (Three) (Off Road Cycle – 48kms, 1010m elevation)

Lauren Walton – 03:25:27 – (4th Place Age Group, 76th Place Overall)

Margaret River Ultra (80km - Teams)

Escape – 8:40:09

Valetudo Health – 8:43:38

Toenails are Overrated – 9:46:45

The Sore Hipsters – 10:22:14

Team De Leo – 12:27:07

Busselton 70.3 (Half Ironman)

Lauren Walton (Team Swimmer) – 00:32:01:34 (18th Place Overall Team Swimmer)

Clint Flood – 4:30:31 (16th Place 35-39M)

Rutger ter Harmsel – 4:53:07 (18th Place 40-44M)

Andrew Gilchrist – 5:41:57 (first 70.3) (53rd Place 30-34M)

Caitlin Hughes – 5:52:15 (25min PB) (7th Place 25-29F)

Melvyn Brice – 6:07:13 (35th Place 55-59M)

Michelle Major – 6:30:36 (27th Place 45-49F)

Jenny Watson – 6:37:38 (29th Place 45-49F)

Charlotte Mawle – 6:56:39 (first 70.3) (20th Place 50-45F)

Tanya Mcfadden – 7:28:52 (37th Place 45-49F)

Bunbury 3 Waters – Marathon

Adam Barry 04:21:51 – (121st Overall, 37th 30-39M)

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