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OCC 55km UTMB World Series Final

What a race! I had the best day out on the trails I've ever had.

I ran (as opposed to hiked) more than I ever thought I was capable of because my legs felt incredible. NEVER HAD THEY EVEN FELT THIS GOOD IN TRAINING.

I nearly cried with joy in the mountains especially when I looked down at my watch at 42km in the Argentiere checkpoint and only had 12km with one climb to go but my legs felt like they had just started.

My coach brain thought “this is exactly what I hope every one of my athletes could feel like on race day”.

Running through the town into the finish gave me chills and I savoured every moment of the experience. An unforgettable challenge that delivered on every front imaginable.

9h35 for 54km with 3400m elevation. I managed to beat my goal time by 2 hours! ✨172nd Female out of 544.

Thank you to everyone who dot watched from home, sent well wishes and support, was at the finish/on course or celebrated with me afterwards. It gave me such a boost!

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