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January Racing - Results

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

A big month of racing just passed us by in a flash - check out the results to find out what everyone has been up to!


Oceanic Tri Club Olympic Distance

Albis Durand – 2:47:09 (26th 40-49M, 104th place overall)

Peter De Leo – 2:51:02 (28th 40-49M, 116th place overall)

Oceanic Tri Club Aquabike

Jenny Watson – 2:06.20 (3rd Place Female, 6th place overall)

Australia Day Triathlon Point Walter (Sprint)

Clint Flood – 1:12.14 (7th place 30-39M)

Sam Turner – 1:30.44 (16th place 30-39M)

Australia Day Ultra Marathon (50km)

Esther Welsh - 5:47.46 (10th Place Female)

Perth Swim Thru 3.5km

Peter De Leo – 1:24.50 (29th 30-44M, 166th overall)

Perth Trail Series – Qi Gong (13.7km)

Hilton Power – 1:01.01 (1st Overall)

Shane Johnstone – 1:04.49 (3rd Overall)

Melvyn Brice – 1:35.05 (75th Overall)

Swanny Ocean Classic 2km (Swim)

Jenny Watson – 40:16.4 (65th F40-49, 269th Overall)

Ultra Series WA Balingup 27km (1325m D+)

Adam Rowe - 3:07.21 * (unofficial time) (3rd Place Overall)

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