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My Top 5 TOMR Tips

Coach Corrie as part of the 2018 Dome Team TOMR (Winners - Women's A Division)

1. Don't forget it's a TEAM race! Each stage has a purpose and requires you to be strategic with where your teammates finish up. For the TT Stages, you might not need all the riders to finish in the bunch so consider how each rider can contribute to the team effort in the best way. For the road races, your first and fourth rider's times count the most so it's worth making sure your team works together to get that fourth rider into the finish as soon as possible! Look out for each other - it pays off!

2. If you aren't a strong climber, stay near the front of the bunch in the road races so that when you drift back a little throughout the climb you aren't already at the back and getting dropped and left in no-mans-land to fend for yourself!

3. Make sure you carb load properly to set yourself up for a long weekend of racing. Post race nutrition can improve your recovery and help you limit the damage for the next day. Don't forget to eat and drink during the races with this in mind. Set yourself up for success each day by fuelling for the demands of the race.

4. Bring your own spares and mechanical kit - you don't want to be stuck out on the road wasting precious time waiting for a support car to help you out (plus becoming dehydrated and under-fuelled in the meantime).

5. Have fun! This is the best amateur cycle race Australia has to offer so make the most of it. The bonds and memories you'll create with your teammates will last a lifetime.

Photo: Daniela Tommasi

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