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The Importance of Race Planning

One key tool I use for all my athletes who are racing events over 2 hours is a race plan. I find it helps athletes to write down exactly what race week looks like, what the day before the race will look like, and what the actual race will entail.

It helps to have all these details written down so you know exactly what is coming and it takes the guesswork and stress out of getting ready for the race since you know what you need for your race and what you have to do to prepare.

This race plan includes such things as:

🟦 Drop bag items (if using)

🟩 Time to complete each leg and nutrition/ hydration required for each leg (carbs per hour, etc).

🟫 Process based goals

⬜️ Keys for success (the small things add up to the big things!)

🟥 Mandatory gear items

🟪 Travel times to/from accommodation to race start

🟨 Carb loading plans

🟧 Notes for crews or pacers

And wayyy more!

If you are looking for guidance or a race planning session before your upcoming race, book a consult with me. I would love to chat about how we can execute your best race!

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