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Performance Coaching Package Upgrade

Starting next week (January 13th, 2020) we are pleased to announce more inclusions to our Performance Coaching Package for all runners, cyclists, and triathletes. On top of our regular swim, bike, and run sessions included in this package - we are also offering a mix of pilates, strength training sessions, and an additional Thursday evening run session.

For only $57.50 per week, athletes will have a weekly personalised training program written for them leading into their goal event(s) and the following weekly group sessions included in their plan (as appropriate):

  • Monday AM group swim (5:45am Newman College) ($5 lane hire)

  • Monday PM strength session (6pm - 7pm at Valetudo)

  • Tuesday AM run intervals (5:55am City Beach Upper Oval)

  • Wednesday AM Pilates (6am-7am at Valetudo)

  • Wednesday PM strength session (6pm-7pm at Valetudo)

  • Thursday AM outdoor bike interval session (5:30am - 6:45am at Valetudo)

  • Thursday PM run session (5:30pm Kings Park)

  • Saturday AM Pilates (8am-9am at Valetudo)

Of course, as always, casual passes are available for all Valetudo group fitness sessions. For more information about getting started on a coaching program or attending casual sessions, contact me at

We hope you'll join us for a group session in the near future - your first one is free so what do you have to lose?

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