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Racing Far and Wide

December and November were busy months with athletes racing all over the country, state, and the world! In the coming weeks I will be posting race reports from Adam Rowe on his 130km Ultra in Oman where he conquered over 7,500m of elevation and qualified for Ultra Trail Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France in 2020. This will include some information about how we prepped for this race and some of the challenges we encountered along the way (like having to find elevation in relatively 'flat' Perth...)

Another report will be coming through from Hilton about his comeback from his collarbone injury 4 months prior to racing and winning his age group at Dwellingup Xterra, qualifying him for the Xterra World Championships, while also placing second overall (including the Elite/Open wave) in the event.

I've certainly been a proud coach these past months with all of my athletes racing; some doing their first half Ironman, others getting worlds qualifications, and many athletes performing above and beyond their own expectations.

Hervey Bay 100

Melvyn Brice - 5th Place (55-59M) 5:50:55

Oman 130km (7800m+) Ultra Trail By UTMB

Adam Rowe - 27th Place Overall, 14th 30-39M - 27:30:25

Dwellingup Xterra

Hilton Power - 1st Place 30-39M (2nd Overall (including Open/Elite), 2:47:05

Fremantle Running Festival - Half Marathon

Rutger Ter Hamsel - 9th Place 35-39M (65th Overall) - 1:37:42

Ironman 70.3 WA

Albis Durand - 5:50:03 (69th Place 40-44M)

Jenny Watson - 6:26:47 (22nd Place 45-49F) *30min PB

Glenn Pirrit - 5:42:52 (60th Place 40-44M) * First half IM

Peter De Leo - 5:56:47 (72nd Place 40-44M) *4min PB

Stay Puft (16km Trail)

Hilton Power - 2nd Place Overall - 1:04:49.2

Shane Johnstone - 4th Place Overall - 1:08:31.0

Nick Bakker - 12th Place Overall - 1:17:59.8

Keep an eye out for upcoming posts featuring race reports!

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