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Racing is BACK!

It has been a very strange time for all athletes over the past few months sitting in limbo wondering when events would come back. Well, we are lucky here in WA to have returned to some semblance of normal life and part of that includes having races resume. Our first batch of non-virtual racing took place last week and we couldn't be any happier with all our athletes' results after the long hiatus.

When things took a turn for the worst in terms of racing and training (not allowed in groups, gym closures, etc.) we spoke with our athletes about setting some new goals. For some, that meant chasing a 10km PB, aiming to get a QOM on a long Strava segment, or increasing their FTP. It is a testament to our athletes that they were able to switch their focus and continue to train hard throughout uncertain times. I think the results speak for themselves and we can't wait to see what else the upcoming races have in store for everyone.

Truth or Consequences 25km

Lochy Jones – 2:24:46 (17th Place) *25 min PB

Truth or Consequences 50km

Claire O’Brien Smith - 5:11:15 (2nd Place Female, 1st Place <35F , 11th Overall) *22min PB

Stu Hopkins – 5:39:56 (16th Place Overall, 12th 35-44M) (First 50km)

Albis Durand – 5:51:11 (31st Place Overall, 13th 35-44M)

Michelle Dekker – 6:00:16 (5th Place Female, 3rd Place <35F, 40th Overall) *38min PB

Perth Half Marathon:

Rutger ter Harmsel – 01:26:15 (106th Place Male, 47th Place 30-39M) *3min PB

Kean Teoh – 01:49:17 (333rd Place Male, 93rd Place 40-49M) * 14min PB

Jenny Watson – 0:2:35:22 (272nd Place Female, 81st Place 40-49F)

ATTA 40km TT:

Clint Flood – 0:56:17 (2nd Place Overall, 2nd Place 30-39M)

The Escape from Isolation 24hr Rogaine

Richard Avery – 9th Place Overall

Photos on trail courtesy of Perth Trail Series and Brady Digital

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