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Truth or Consequences

Lucky for our athletes who raced yesterday, the sun came out and the rain stayed away until long after they finished. Not only did they get to experience some great scenery out on the trails, these athletes have stayed motivated all winter and kept up their regular training schedules. Some of this weekend's racers are triathletes which means that after a few of Perth's running races have finished up, the focus will be back on getting in some more swims and longer rides again. In the meantime, it has been great to see a lot of them focus on running this winter and really make some massive gains and improve their speed and strength. The course yesterday was pretty tough with around 800m elevation for the 25km distance and some technical features scattered throughout. I can attest to this after having (accidentally) walked for 3.5 hours on the course after taking a wrong turn on my way back (#fail).

Just a quick recap on the results from yesterday's Perth Trail Series Race - Truth or Consequences:

10km Distance:

  • Tanya McFadden, 77th Overall F, 35-44F (23rd), 1:27:43

  • Jenny Watson, 42nd Overall F, 45-54F (13th), 1:16:17

25km Distance:

  • Nick Baker, 24th Overall M, <35 (12th), 2:41:42

  • Albis Durand, 25th Overall M, 35-44M (8th), 2:42:12

  • Melvyn Brice, 66th Overall M, 55+ (6th), 3:18:51

  • Tamsyn Black, 51st Overall F, 34-44F (22nd), 3:53:46

50km Distance:

  • Shane Johnstone, 1st Overall M, 4:35:34

  • Adam Rowe, 5th Overall M, 33-44M (3rd), 5:18:05

Well done to all our athletes who tested themselves on the challenging course!

If you're looking for a weekly training group to join - contact me. We run swim/bike/run sessions every week. Come down to running at Newman College Oval for our weekly interval session at 5:55am.

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