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Bring on the RACING!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

A long overdue results post!! Get ready for some awesome PB’s and great racing from the team over the past few months.

Perth Trail Series – Bloated Goat (28km)

Giovanni De Vita 3:25.35 (27th Place Overall)

Richard Avery 3:31.42 (36th Place Overall)

Shane Johnstone 2:47.32 (4th Place Overall)

Perth Trail Series – Bleating Kid (12km)

Corrie Johnstone – 1:34:19 (9th Place Female, 4th Place <35 Female)

Danae Blennerhassett – 1:54:52 (40th Place Female, 11th Place <35 Female)

Stu Hopkins - 1:54:51 (51st Place Male, 24th Place 35-44 Male)

WAMC Bridges Fun Run (10km)

Kean Teoh - 00:47:51.16 (273rd Place Male)

Rutger ter Harmsel - 00:39:24.50 (86th Place Male)

Melvyn Brice - 00:49:23.31 (329th Place Male)

Michelle Major - 01:01:05.05 (345th Place Female)

Annette Hunter - 01:01:23.63 (357th Place Female)

Tanya Mcfadden 01:18:46.34 (584th Place Female)

Light Horse Ultra

Richard Avery 24H – 70kms

Danae Blennerhassett 6H – 42.8kms

12km Bibra Lake Run

Jenny Watson - 1:20:37 (26th Place Female)

Mighty Jarrah Trail Run 21.1km

Michelle Dekker - 02:03:11.40 (5th Place Female, 4th Place 20-39F)

Sunset Coast Run

42.2km Kean Teoh - 04:11:43.70 (40th Place Male) First marathon

21.1km Rutger ter Harmsel - 01:26:54.39 (3rd Place Male)

10km Jenny Watson - 01:13:19.28 (44th Place Female)

WTF 50 Miler (80km)

Giovanni De Vita – 09:49:20 (3rd Male, 4th Place Overall)

Champion Lakes Duathlon State Championships

Rutger Ter Hamsel – 01:07:19 (11th Place 35-39, 55th Place Male)

Cape to Cape Track Self Supported (135km)

Nick Bakker – 22h 52mins

Margaret River Ultra Solo (80km):

Claire O'Brien-Smith – 09:14:38 (1st Place Female)

Michelle Dekker – 11:37:17 (9th Place Female)

MRU Teams:

Kean Teoh (Legs 4 & 5) – Uon Alfa Wolfpack (09:55:55 – 141st Overall)

Peter De Leo (Legs 1-4) – Team De Leo (12:26:27 – 340th Overall)

70.3 Busselton Half Ironman

Rutger ter Harmsel – 04:41:18 (19th Place 35-39M, 78th Male)

Albis Durand – 05:49:08 (63rd Place 40-44M, 353rd Male)

Melvyn Brice – 06:00:02 (33rd Place 55-59M, 394th Male)

Michelle Major – 06:27:23 (21st Place 45-49F, 141st Female)

Beverley Team TTT 50km (Ride)

Corrie Johnstone – Dome Women’s Cycling Team 4th Place

Photo credits to WAMC, Rapid Ascent, athletes.

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