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My Top 10 Favourite Podcasts

🎙 My Top 10 Favourite Podcast Shows 🎙

A quick post about some of my favourite training and racing podcasts. I listen to a ton of them so there’s plenty more that are great but these are my *current* go-to podcasts where I can always find a super interesting topic or pick up a few tips and tricks.

📣 Let me know some of your favourites in the comments!

Not listed in any particular order:

1.) The Physical Performance Show (Brad Beer - Pogo Physio) @brad_beer

2.) Koop Kast - (Ultra Training Banter - Jason Koop) @jasonkoop

3.) Pacey Performance Podcast (Rob Pacey) @sportsmithhq

4.) That Triathlon Show (Mikael Eriksson) @mkerikss@mkerikss

5.) The Empirical Cycling Show (Kolie Moore) @empiricalcycling

6.) Science of Ultra (Shawn Bearden)

7.) Stanley Street Social (Alex Clements & Campbell Flakemore) @stanleystsocial

8.) The Art of Coaching (Brett Bartholomew) @coach_brettb

9.) Cycling Performance Club (Damien Ruse / Dr J Boynton / Cyrus Monk) @cyclingperformanceclub

10.) British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) @bjsm_bmj

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